How To Make Seamless Looping Videos for Instagram

By Russell Preston Brown

When Instagram changed the behavior of its video posts from play-once-and-stop to endless loops, some people were happy they no longer had to click to re-watch a video. However, some video creators have been irked by the abrupt jumps between the end and beginning of their loop footage. Here’s a quick and easy way to make those jumps disappear using Adobe Photoshop CC. The result is a seamless loop that looks great no matter how many times it plays.

To capture the time-lapse you’ll see in this tutorial, I used an iPhone 7 Plus on a tripod. I opened the file in Photoshop and went to Window > Timeline to begin editing. I trimmed it to eight seconds and then divided the footage in two using Split at Playhead. 

This video tutorial from Russell Preston Brown shows you how to edit video footage in the Adobe Photoshop CC Timeline so that you can render a seamless loop for Instagram or elsewhere.

Click to watch the complete tutorial.

At that point, the original first two seconds of the video was one segment, and the final six seconds was another segment. I moved the six-second segment to the beginning of the timeline and added a transition that fades between the two segments. Finally, I rendered the video, and there it was, a perfect infinite loop, ready to post on my Instagram account!

June 14, 2017