Make It in A Minute: See-Through Movie Titles

It may not be onscreen for very long, but a movie’s title conveys a lot in those few seconds. When the letters of the title are transparent—so video content plays inside of the text—the title can be doubly effective. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how use the Track Matte effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create that text mask.

Click on the image below to watch the one-minute video.


Step 1. Open Premiere Pro and start a new project (File > New > Project). 

Step 2. Download our practice files and import the Truck file (File > Import). If you’d rather, you can use your own clip.

Step 3. In the Project panel, right-click the Truck Clip asset and select New Sequence From Clip.

Step 4. Switch to the Graphics workspace (Window > Workspaces > Graphics). Select the Type Tool and type your title text in the Program monitor. 

Step 5. Scrub over the Scale setting and enlarge the text in the Essential Graphics panel to 200%. 

Step 6. Switch back to the Editing workspace (Window > Workspaces > Editing). Move the title graphic up to V3 (Option + up arrow) and extend the clip to match the length of the Truck Clip. Drag a duplicate Truck Clip (Option + drag) to V2.

Step 7. Trim the Truck Clip (V1) by dragging the left edge to about the 8-second mark. 

Step 8. Open the Effects panel and look for the Track Matte Key. Drag the Track Matte Key effect to the middle Truck Clip (V2). 

Step 9. In the Effect Controls panel, set the Matte to target Video 3. The background video will appear where your text was.

Step 10. Right-click the left edge of the lower Truck Clip (V1) and select Apply Default Transitions to add a fade-in effect.

You’re done!