This image of a naked male body was created by photographic artist Andy Lo Pò

Andy Lo Po’s Modern Nudes

You can’t pigeonhole Andy Lo Pò. Some people know the photographic artist for his David Bowie Fans personal project, or his series of clown portraits. You can also see his commercial work in publications and even advertisements. We recently visited him as he created new images depicting male and female nudes, including the triptych Void. While Lo Pò’s references may come from antiquity, the result is fully of our time.

In the video profile below, London-based Lo Pò takes us through his process, from rough sketches to post-production in Adobe Photoshop CC.

To see more of his work, visit Lo Pò’s website or follow him on Instagram.

July 24, 2017

Video producer: Michelle Mahoney

Senior creative director: Dan Cowles

Producer: Oliver Atkinson, Casual Films

Director of photography / editor: Arthur Lewin, Casual Films

Creative: Ella Tomlin Kedge