Rolling the Storytelling Dice

By Karl Miller

It may be cliché for visual creatives to call ourselves storytellers, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. That’s why it’s always surprised me that more of us don’t play Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D, for short). Instead of passively consuming movies, TV, and books, every participant in this fantasy role-playing game is actively involved in shaping the story.

The stories (called “adventures”) may last days, months, even years. Players choose their characters, and the group is guided through the adventures by a dungeon master. The DM knows the perils and treasures that await the group, but each player can choose how to react to the situations they encounter.

To help players understand the world they’re in and to aid the dungeon master in keeping track of the action, gaming company Wizards of the Coast publishes rules and reference materials. In this video interview with the company’s Jeremy Crawford, Kate Irwin, and Emi Tanji, you’ll see how the designers are respecting tradition while taking the game into more modern territory.

Watch the video intervew with the designers behind the game.

For more, visit the Dungeons & Dragons website.

August 11, 2017

Produced and directed by Electric Park Films: Christian Bruno, Kurt Keppeler, and Natalija Vekic

Producer: Karl Miller, Adobe

Thank you to Miguel De Dios and MOX Boardinghouse (Bellevue, WA); Donna Prior and OrcaCon 2017; NextGen Games (Los Angeles, CA); Erik Davis.