1. Describe yourself and your work.

I’m Enisaurus, a professional freelance illustrator from the sunny land of Valencia, Spain.

My works are usually based on geometry. There, between simple shapes and bright colors, is where I feel most comfortable. I’m always pushing myself to try new ways to communicate ideas and thoughts through my illustrations, constantly seeking ways of being a better storyteller and professional.

When I’m not at the climbing gym, I’m usually working on private commissions for clients from around the world, like BMW, Movistar, the Henry Ford Museum, TED, Bespoke Post, and Cabify, to name just a few. And between climbing and private commissions are my beloved side projects—what would I do without them! This is the time that I use for experimentation purposes and just for having fun; they are excellent exercises that help me develop my illustration skills and allow me to to step out of my comfort zone. It’s the only way to avoid the dreadful feeling of being creatively stuck.

I also love spending my free time reading science-fiction, terror, and nonfiction books, watching Netflix and HBO, meditating, cooking, gardening, drinking coffee on my balcony when the sun hits it directly on winter days, losing myself in the woods, and of course traveling as much as I can.

2. How did you get started?

It’s a long story...but I can give you the short version.

My whole life, I’ve been so attracted to everything related to art and creativity—any methods of self-expression.

I studied graphic design (I think that’s the reason why I’m a bit obsessed with perfection and geometry), and after I got my degree, I founded my own studio with two friends. Everything was great, and I learned a lot from that experience. Almost five years after that, when we moved to London—looking for a country with a more stable and solid economy (Spain was pretty f**** at that time)—we closed the studio and split our creative paths. Then I got a job at a London agency specializing in entertainment stuff, and I worked there for almost a year, until I realized that I badly needed to start my own business, with my own rules and my own goals, as that’s where true happiness is for me! I stopped working to fill the pockets of others with my creativity and put all that effort toward my own future. So I quit (better experience even than an unusual sunny London day), and I started running my own studio called Enisaurus (my real name is Santi, by the way)—and the adventure began! I’ve been on my own for three years so far.

3. Which of your illustrations best represents you and why?

If I have to choose one of my illustrations, I think it would be my last animation about meditation [shown here]. Not because I’m the calmest person—actually I’m quite the opposite—but because of my constant effort to be focused, to learn new healthy habits, to get clarity about what my goals are, and to reach a peaceful state of mind at all levels in life.

4. What are your current obsessions?

My most recent obsession is related to motion graphics. I’m using Adobe After Effects CC as much as I can to improve my animation skills and add that to the services I provide. I really love how my works look in motion, and I’m so pumped about the countless possibilities that it offers to me—a new dimension for telling stories in a deepest way.

5. What’s the worst creative advice you’ve received?

I was thinking about the answer to this question for a while, and I realized that I’ve never gotten bad creative advice.... I guess that I usually try to be surrounded by the right people. Or I just removed the bad advice from my mind, to make room for things that really matter.

5¼. What music are you playing a lot these days?

I literally couldn’t live without Spotify. Every morning I turn on the app, and it’s always on until I finish my day. This week I’m playing all of Logic’s albums, like repeatedly, all day long.

5½. If you could meet any living artist (in any discipline/medium) for coffee and a chat, who would it be?

Just one? Phew.... Tough question. I’d say, for example, Brosmind. They’ve inspired me for so long and have been always a reference point for me about storytelling, humor, illustration, and making a living with what you love to do. In addition, it’s quite possible to meet them someday because their studio is located in Barcelona, which is just three hours by car from my Valencia.

5¾.  What’s a skill you don’t have but really wish you did?

Being a native English speaker, hahaha—though I think I’d replace that with having better memorization skills when it comes to learning new facts…for example, never ask me about geography; I totally suck. I have a lazy brain in that regard.

November 19, 2018