Photos Frozen in Time

By Charles Purdy

Every fall, Create Magazine participates in Adobe MAX by designing a booth for the conference’s Community Pavilion. Our goal? As with our online content, we aim to inspire and entertain MAX’s audience of very creative people. For the past three years, we’ve done variations on a photo booth experience for MAX attendees: in 2016, we built an upside-down room, for instance—or, for 2017’s booth, we brought a facial-mapping projection experience to MAX. This year, at the largest Adobe MAX yet, we produced what may have been our most popular booth so far: a 180-degree “Matrix cam” bullet-time photo booth (with a background created by Luke Choice, a.k.a. Velvet Spectrum).

Here, a few of our Create booth staffers test out the bullet-time photo booth. 

Our technical partner, Limelight Photo Booth, equips their bullet-time photo booths with an array of cameras—for our booth, they used 24. When the photo subject (or subjects) leaps into the air or strikes a pose, all the cameras fire at the same time. Limelight’s proprietary software then stitches the photos together into a short animated file; the animation makes it look as though the subject is frozen in time and space.

We shared the resulting .mp4 files with attendees for them to post on their social platforms.

"It was amazing to be part of this experience because the guests’ enthusiasm was contagious,” says Limelight founder and CEO Clete Schroeder, who was on site with the booth throughout the conference. “Everyone was super excited about getting a Matrix cam bullet-time photo. We even had one gentleman propose to his fiancée as we were taking their photo!”

The creatives at MAX got...well, very creative with their bullet-time poses! 

You read that right—at this year’s MAX, we had a marriage proposal in the Create booth—we will never forget that! 

Matthew Velasquez had planned to pop the question to his girlfriend at this year’s Adobe MAX—and even had the help of some of MAX’s organizers, who helped him get a guest pass so he could attend with her. “I thought MAX would be perfect because I never would have never met Maria—at a previous job of mine—if it weren’t for our love of design and creating with Adobe tools.” 

Matthew Velasquez proposed to his now-fiancée, Maria Picazo, in Adobe Create’s bullet-time photo booth! We also caught the proposal in a brief video.  

He continues, “And when she saw the Create photo booth, she fell in love with the idea and was pretty adamant about getting our photo taken. Plus, the backdrop was perfect, because I was about to create my future! I just knew it would be the perfect place and moment to do it!”

We loved Luke Choice’s “Smudge Script” lettering so much, we asked him to use it in the creation of our photo-booth backdrop. It’s an ingenious Adobe Photoshop CC technique and surprisingly simple. Learn how it’s done in this “Creative House Call” on Create.

We had a great time at this year’s Adobe MAX—and we can’t to see you next year. Now, it’s time to start planning our 2019 booth!

November 7, 2018