One moment in a session Kyle T. Webster deleivered at Adobe MAX 2018 on the subject of Photoshop brushes.

Drawing and Painting with Photoshop Brushes

Kyle Webster is the undisputed king of drawing and painting with Photoshop brushes. He’s mastered the art of emulating natural media like paint and charcoal; he’s even created 1,600 custom brushes. Whether you’re new to brushes or an old hand, Kyle has tips and tricks to show you.

Watch “Kyle Webster Photoshop Brush Magic,” recorded at Adobe MAX 2018.

Watch the video above for his best tips, including the most-underrated brush mode, why mixer brushes are so powerful, and how color dynamics can make your spatter brushes look like the real thing. Then get his 1,600 custom brushes—for free!—and embrace Kyle’s digital art motto: “Recklessly experiment with no consequences.”