Feast Your Eyes

By Terri Stone

They may work in different disciplines and live on different continents, but UK designer Isabel Lea and US photographer Aaron Bernstein both have a well-developed sense of humor. Maybe that's why Feast Your Eyes, their ongoing collaborative effort to visualize food-based idioms, works.

In the video above, Bernstein and Lea discuss the process behind the Feast Your Eyes project and the benefits of working together.

Bernstein and Lea asked friends and social media followers to suggest phrases that involve food and are in everyday use around the world; for example, Spaniards may say "mala leche" when they mean "to be in a bad mood." The collaborators designed tableaux (including custom props) to express the sayings, which they then photographed to create the series' first round of images.

Lea and Bernstein are both Adobe Creative Residents. "We're not experts in the fields that we're working in, but that's the whole point of this year," Bernstein says. "We're able to approach our work in a more unlimited way because we don't know the rules." If you're curious about the Residency, check out "Insider Tips on Applying to the Adobe Creative Residency Program."

December 13, 2018