Data-Driven 2019 Calendar Unites the World

"When the World Celebrates" is a single-page 2019 calendar from Bureau Oberhaeuser, a studio in Hamburg, Germany, that specializes in information and interface design. "Information is beautiful and life without information is impossible," they say; the studio's 2019 calendar is a prime example of their ability to turn raw data into something readable, useable, and good-looking.

The inspiration for the self-promotional calendar came from Bureau Oberhaeuser's observation that diverse people around the world recognize a new year with some sort of celebration. "This made us wonder what other holidays are commonly celebrated among nations," they explain. The data visualizations in "When the World Celebrates" reflect the quarters, months, and days in which the most holidays take place, and which occasions are celebrated the most around the world.    

You can buy the calendar on Society6.

December 27, 2018