5 & 3/4 Questions






1. Describe yourself and your work.  I’m a graphic designer and letterer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I define my work as simple and colorful, and a little geometric sometimes.

2. How did you get started?  Five years ago, I decided to make a turn in my career and get into lettering. I found it so energizing, mixing illustration with something completely permanent in time such as letterforms, that I fell in love right away. Every project is a challenge, an opportunity to try something different.

3. Which of your creations or projects best represents you and why?  The Portuguesa typeface [shown below], a three-font set made in collaboration with Ale Paul for Sudtipos. It was eight months of learning, trial and error, and pushing myself into something new. It was worth all the insomnia.

4. What are you obsessed with right now?  openFrameworks. I’m actually trying to find the space between work and life to get into it.

5. As an artist who works in letters and typography, do you have a favorite letter?  My favorite letter is A. It’s the beginning, the starting point. Also, I love triangles and diagonals.

5¼. What’s your motto or slogan?  Make your own luck.

5½. If you could meet any artist (living or dead, in any discipline/medium) for coffee and a chat, who would it be?  Mmm, tricky question. Just one? Ok…I’ll go for someone not impossible. Paula Scher. I admire her and the way she thinks about graphic design and typography. Besides, I’m sure that we could have an interesting chat about all the other artists I love.

5¾. What book are you currently recommending to friends?  For type/design, two: Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles, 1628-1938 (Taschen) and The Process Is the Inspiration (House Industries). For literature, Interstate, by Stephen Dixon.

December 28, 2018