5 & 3/4 Questions





1. Describe yourself and your work.

A little girl inside me wakes up when I take my stylus in hand. She lives in a bright colorful world, in spaces without corners—a Matisse dance in a Gaudi city. Though in my real life I am stricter than that—I prefer straightforward colors and paper planners. I find them fun; I always have one within easy reach. 

2. How did you get started?

I never started. I’ve always been drawing. I never had it in my head to become a great artist; I just enjoy drawing. I savored how colors appeared on paper, and now I savor them on a computer monitor. Seven years ago, I learned Adobe Illustrator independently, and it became my love and my favorite program. For me, opening Illustrator is probably something like it was for Leo Tolstoy to open his diary. 

3. What piece of work best represents you and why?

Shake, have fun, and move on [image above].

As a child, my favorite toy was a kaleidoscope—you take and mix different colored pieces, and the result is always beautiful. A similar aesthetic in my work is my unique voice.

4. What are you into currently?

The work I did for Adobe for Cannes Lions, creating “data portraits,” was a good fit for me—discovering commonalities for seemingly incompatible things is something I’m interested in.

Now I’m interested in the question of how to combine productivity and visual art. We are seeing this more and more as high-tech companies decorate their walls and surrounding spaces with interesting illustrations. In our environment, we call this neuro-office. I’m interested in how to design a personal space to combine the simplicity of minimalism with the beauty of fireworks. I think a lot about this and experiment with it. 

5. What are three things you’ve learned that young creatives should know?

Be consistent. Stick to things. Follow curiosity because it could lead to a passion.  

5¼. Favorite color?  To put it bluntly, this question stupefies me. I love all colors! So my reply to this tricky question will be as tricky: I like the color of white light after it passes through a prism.

5½. Favorite website?  Behance.net as a source of inspiration and ideas.

5¾. Pet peeve?  Demonstrations of strength and superiority, especially in relation to animals.

February 7, 2018