Adobe Remix by Siddhant Jaokar

By Charles Purdy

For more than four years, Adobe has been inviting the creative community to participate in the Adobe Remix program—by “remixing” and putting their own spin on our iconic logo. This recent Remix was the work of Mumbai-based industrial designer Siddhant Jaokar, who says his creation was inspired in part by classic Indian architecture and architectural motifs. He explains, “Indian architecture has evolved through many centuries, and India has many different architectural styles, from the rock-cut architecture to Art Deco…. Similarly, my style as an artist is always evolving.”

Jaokar, whose work primarily includes 3D rendering and art direction, works in numerous styles—he tries to stay very flexible, because, he says, not being married to a particular style allows him to choose the best way to communicate his thoughts and ideas in what he creates.

About his Remix, Jaokar says, “The beauty of Indian architecture has always amazed me. So I used elements from old Indian architecture—motifs, patterns, and intricate designs—that reflect the Indian artisan’s craft, as well as the cultural heritage of India…. Indian architecture has been transformed by the forces of history: when new dynasties emerged, they added new architectural styles to the styles of previous dynasties. For instance, the Mughal Empire’s architectural style was a blend of Islamic, Persian, and Indian styles. My Remix design is, similarly, a blend of my interpretations of Indian architecture…and a nod to the spirit of Adobe, which is not a monolithic brand but rather a brand that gives you an opportunity to try something creative in your own way.”

And flexibility is important for Jaokar. After earning a bachelor’s degree in industrial design in 2015 and taking a job at a packaging firm, he got into 3D design through a self-initiated everyday render project. And that led him, eventually, to begin freelancing full time. These days, he’s working with clients such as NZXT, Wellesley, and Tugo Collective, as well as Adobe.

Having seen other Remix projects by artists he admires, such as Ash Thorp and GMUNK, Jaokar says he was very thrilled to create his own. “I was super excited,” he says. “I’m really glad that I could be a part of it. Getting the assignment was a bit of surreal moment, since a lot of great artists have contributed to the Adobe Remix project.”


A first step was to sketch out some elements for his design.

Jaokar then created 2D splines in Adobe Illustrator.

Next, he extruded those splines in Maxon Cinema 4D.

Jaokar created multiple iterations of his composition.  

He also explored multiple color ways.

After landing on a palette, he created multiple lighting and texture iterations, finding one that he liked best for his composition. 

This is the final shot at it appeared in Cinema 4D.

This is the almost-final image—before Jaokar added textures and coloring that aged the materials. The final image before export is below! 

To learn more about Adobe Remix and the latest Remix projects, check out our dedicated Behance page. Also read more about Siddhant Jaokar and the context in which he is working, in an Adobe blog post titled “Who Is the Modern Indian Creative?

April 26, 2018