Free Type & Object Actions

Have you ever admired a hand-painted sign and wished you could bring a similar flare to your digital work? Now you can, and for a limited time, it’s free. Download the Old Stock action set for Adobe Illustrator CC and add drop shadows, fills, and other effects to any CMYK vector object.


Even if you’re not normally a manual reader, we advise you give it a look—you will run into issues with the Old Stock actions if you don’t follow instructions closely, step by step. The manual is included in the download folder, and we have videos to help you install and use the actions. In case you get stuck, there’s even a troubleshooting video. For an easier start, open the included file "Old" and run the actions from within that file.


Old Stock actions-how to install
Old Stock actions-how to use
Old Stock actions troubleshooting and tips

This set of 130 actions is from Charles Borges de Oliveira. At the start of his design career, Borges de Oliveira apprenticed with a sign painter, and you’ll see that aesthetic and attention to detail in his action set. In addition to the effects Old Stock actions add to type and objects, they also automatically separate and group the resulting graphics so they’re production-ready.

You can use the Old Stock action set on all commercial or personal projects; however, the action set itself may not be distributed by parties other than Adobe Create.

July 12, 2018

Marquee image designed by Ally Millard.