5 & 3/4 Questions






1. Describe yourself and your work.

I’m a very social person, an extrovert. But I love gray days, and I like loneliness. I’m also a very sensitive person, and my levels of empathy towards animals are beyond what you can imagine. With March of the Penguins, I beat records—I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life. 

My work with animals is like an immersive experience. I like to get close to the subjects so you can feel yourself in them. The images are clean, simple, and emotional.

2. How did you get started?

I’m a memory collector. I’ve been documenting my life’s experiences with photos and in writing since I was a kid. But 2010 is when I started to take it more seriously. I bought my first DSLR, and I learned everything with YouTube videos and countless hours of practicing. One day, when I was out there, I stumbled upon an abandoned farmhouse. It was amazing to see all things they had left behind, all those memories! How could they? That eerie feeling hooked me up, and then I started to document abandoned places around Europe. 

3. Which of your photographs best represents you and why?

The work that I feel most identified with is the work that has the right balance of beauty and eeriness. Both my Abandoned series [shown above] and my hairless cat series [shown below] are good examples. Both are personal projects, and personal projects allow me to be who I am as a photographer. 

4. What makes animals better subjects than people, and what makes them worse?

Animals make better subjects than people because they are innocent, natural, and spontaneous. They aren’t self-conscious. They are fueled by love and pure intentions, and they bring the best in me and in humanity.   

The only “inconvenience” is that sometimes when you have an epic moment, the dog decides it is time to poop.

5. How do you define “happiness”?

Good question. It took me years to define what happiness is for me. For me, it is to work on the things that matter to me, that bring me enough money to invest in the things I’m passionate about. To have time for my family and myself. To be grateful every day for the things I have in my life. When I focus on that, I feel like the luckiest person in the universe. 

5¼. Who/what is your current Instagram obsession? 

I try to use my phone as little as possible, so I only use Instagram for my job and I never spend time looking around. However, I do have an obsession. I have a 19-month-old girl, and since she was born, I’ve been documenting everything about her life: both in writing and in photos. See? I’m a memory collector!

5½. What historical figure or famous person would you most like to meet for a coffee and a chat?  

Whoever or Whatever created the universe. I have many questions for him/her.

5¾. What’s your motto if you have one?  

Be grateful for all the things you have in life. Focus on what matters. Be present.

July 9, 2018