Jesus Sotes created this illustration that expresses his feelings about anxiety and nature.

Good Medicine from Jesús Sotés

To look at illustrations by Jesús Sotés is to enter another world, one that’s uniquely his own. It’s a world composed of moody colors and folk-art figures; it feels hand-drawn even when Sotés uses digital tools to realize his visions.

To better understand his process, we asked Sotés to record his screen as he built a surreal scene depicting a person with anxiety and the peace and healing that can come from nature. “Walking barefoot on the grass can be a very good medicine for our sorry and miserable soul,” says the Spanish illustrator.

In these videos, Sotés imports a sketch into Adobe Illustrator CC to build vector shapes and finishes in Adobe Photoshop CC, where he adds textures from Adobe Stock. To try it yourself, download 10 free images from Adobe Stock.

Click above to play the video (no sound), in which Sotés creates the vector shapes in Illustrator. Maybe get some coffee first, though—it's a little over an hour.

In the second video (no sound), Sotés moves to Photoshop to add a more organic feel to the illustration.

To see more of his work, follow Jesús Sotés on Behance.

August 7, 2018