Font Picks for Posters

Poster design can be tough. A successful poster has to first grab a viewer's attention and then hold it long enough to convey a message. To achieve that, you need the right imagery, composition, and typeface—and what's "right" depends on a lot of variables.

To give you a head start with type choices, at least, Adobe Fonts has curated several font collections that are suitable for movie posters, band posters, and community flyers. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, all of these fonts are free, and you can activate them instantly.


Graphic designer Yves Peters has been analyzing movie poster typefaces for more than a decade in his excellent ScreenFonts series. He's observed that certain film genres use similar typeface styles in their posters, leading to what he calls the industry's "graphic language"; for example, comedies for children use bold sans serif faces, while adult comedies favor round display serifs.

Yves Peters describes the four fictional examples above: "The extended, slanted Condor Wide Black Italic whiz by at high speed when the action is fast. Agency FB Bold spells out 'science fiction.' Westerns lean on reverse-contrast wood-type styles like the exuberant display slab Manicotti. The delicate hairlines and refined contrast of Escrow Banner Light are the perfect match for romantic comedies." 


Posters advertising a band's upcoming gig are the perfect opportunity to experiment, a fact reflected in this brash font pack. 


It may be an ad for an entrepreneurial teenager's yardwork or dog-walking business, but a flyer still needs to catch and hold attention. These fonts, which range from practical to playful, get the job done.

January 4, 2019