Design and Layout • Inspiration Moniker Studio: Small by Design

Based in San Francisco, Moniker creates work that solves clients’ problems while staying true to the studio’s unofficial motto: “kind of weird.”

From their bright, airy studio in a historic building in San Francisco’s Mission District, the four-person team that makes up Moniker—founders Brent and Lindsey Couchman, along with Jeremy Evans and Nate Luetkehans—crafts innovative, bold visual-identity and branding solutions for a wide range of clients. Says Brent, “What we really like is being able to affect a company in a big way.”

And having a big impact requires paying attention to a lot of details—Moniker prefers to own all the elements of a branding project. For this reason, they maintain strong relationships with a diverse set of creatives, allowing them to scale as needed. But staying small and lean is a conscious choice that gives them not only creative freedom, but also the ability to be somewhat selective about the clients they work with. 

We recently visited Moniker in their studio, to learn more about how they work.

Solving a client’s problem is job number one. But the team finds a way to “sneak in the weirdness."

The studio houses an impressive collection of vintage posters. Founder Brent Couchman says, “The idea was to buy a lot of these, and maybe open up a shop and sell some of them to pay for the others—and then I couldn’t find it in myself to part with them.”

“We’ve proven the hypothesis that a small team is able to work really big,” says Brent.

Brent and Lindsey Couchman are a husband-and-wife team whose dream it was to build a design studio.

Moniker does plenty of self-initiated work. Designer and Moniker creative director Nate Luetkehans eplains, “It’s a way to break into other industries that we don't typically get our hands on, just based on our size and our recognition…they say that the work in your portfolio is the work that you’ll get, and that is so true.”



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