Photograph of a young boy walking in a patch of light in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter Photograph of a young boy walking in a patch of light in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

The Fisherman of Barcelona

By Summer Wilson

Dressed like a tourist to blend in, Josep Fàbrega Agea hides in the shadows of the medieval streets of Barcelona, waiting for the perfect shot.

A retired teacher and psychologist, Fàbrega now spends much of his time photographing the city he loves. Although he does most of his street photography in the crowded, touristy section of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, Fàbrega's haunting images feel timeless, mysterious, and often deeply lonely.

“The first thing I look for is the contrast between light and shadow," he says. "Once I have the contrast, I look for the scene. In the scene I look for the side walls, the background, and the character. If I combine the three, it’s perfection.” He calls the people that appear in his images "characters" because they become the star of his fictional stories.

Click the image above and wander the streets of Barcelona alongside photographer Josep Fàbrega Agea .

Fàbrega explains that there are two kinds of street photographers: hunters and fishermen. The hunter is in pursuit of the shot, whereas the fisherman stays in one location and waits for the perfect image to appear. Fàbrega makes his best work while fishing.

Fàbrega's love of the city and its people are evident in his images. It’s clear that Barcelona itself, not just its inhabitants, is a primary character in his photographs.

Executive Creative Director, Dan Cowles
Executive Producer, Summer Wilson
Director of Photography, Colin McAuliffe, 01 Productions
Producer, Clark Todd, 01 Productions
Assistant Camera, Dean Snodgrass
Production Manager/ Fixer, Laura Vidiella
PA/ Driver , Dani Galvan
Sound Technician, Diego Casares
Editor, Craig Beridon
Colorist, Ibon Olaskoaga