Photography • Free Resources Lightroom Preset Pack for Explorers


Experiment with these presets to take your photos in new directions.


The three Adobe Lightroom presets in this pack are inspired by some of my favorite places in the world. Use them to create dramatic but natural-looking landscapes, give images a soft film-inspired tone, or add a moody black and white look to photos.

Make sure to check out the tips at the bottom of this page to learn how to apply and customize the presets to fit your shooting style.

Download the Lightroom Presets.

Lone Pine

Lone Pine is a crisp preset that boosts blues and greens in landscape images, and adds contrast to scenes while preserving details in the shadows. This is my go-to preset for a variety of landscapes, but can also be used for portraits with a few adjustments to oranges and red tones.


Inspired by the soft tones of the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo, this preset adds creamy highlights and warm shadows for a muted, film-inspired look. I use this preset on a variety of images, including portraits, street photography, and interior scenes.


It's a moody black and white preset, with a touch of grain and a lower white point. This preset works well on a wide range of photos, and you can easily customize it for a less faded look.

Install the Presets

In Lightroom, open the Edit tools and click the Presets button at the bottom of the workspace. Click the ellipses at the top of the Presets menu, and choose Import Presets… After installing, the presets will automatically be filed in the User Presets folder. Hover over a preset to preview it, and click to apply it to your image.

The presets will also sync to any mobile devices you have the Lightroom app installed on. Open a photo and swipe to find the Presets icon.

Customize Your Look

One-click filters are fun, but I rarely apply a preset to a photo without making at least a couple adjustments. Every photo and scene is different, and each photographer has their own individual shooting style.

After applying an Explorer Pack preset, spend some time playing with the editing tools in Lightroom to adjust settings as needed and create your own look. Are there areas of your photo that are looking too dark? Increase the Shadows slider. Not partial to muted highlights? Open up the Tone Curve and bring up the white point.

There are three settings that the Explorer Pack presets does not change, which will depend on your device, lens, shooting conditions, and personal style:

1. Exposure: How light or dark your image is. Increase exposure to brighten a photo, or decrease it to darken it.

2. White Balance: The temperature and tint of the tones in your image. Increase the temperature for warmer photo, or decrease it for cooler tones.

3. Lens Corrections: Check “Enable Lens Corrections” to allow Lightroom to detect the device and lens you’re shooting with and remove distortions and vignetting.

Kendall Plant is a designer and photographer living in Oakland, California. She works at Adobe as an associate creative director but can usually be found somewhere above 10,000 feet in the Eastern Sierras. You can see more of her work on Instagram and Behance.