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Use these four templates to create your own cool collage images.

Combine your photos with graphic artist Erica Larson’s Photoshop collage templates, to create cool printable posters, album covers, graphics for social media, and more. 

How to Use the Templates

1. Replace Smart Objects: After downloading and opening a template, go to the Layers panel and find the green-labeled layer or layers titled “Replace me.” Right-click on the layer name, and then choose Replace Contents. Navigate to the photo you want to use, and it will be added to the document. Repeat this for additional green-labeled layers if necessary.

Note: Since these templates use Smart Objects, you have to replace contents only once per document image. Other layers referencing those Smart Objects will update automatically.

2. Tweak Scale and Positioning: The templates are set up so that you can move images around inside their layer masks without disrupting the overall composition. Click the image thumbnail in the Layers panel to select it before you start making transformations with control-T (Windows) or command-T (Mac).

If you want to move the mask and image together, first click the empty space between the image and mask thumbnails to relink them.

3. Experiment with Color: Color adjustment folders are marked with yellow labels. Try making the layers visible in different combinations and opacities.

Erica Larson is a graphic artist, designer, and associate creative director in the Adobe Studio. Since joining Adobe, she has discovered a fondness for illustration, volunteering, and teaching. She is happiest when making work at the intersection of all three. 

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