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Use this template to create your own custom presentation deck in Adobe XD.

Why settle for ordinary presentations when you can make your point with strong design and eye-catching animation? You can customize both text and images in the 16 dynamic, animated slide designs of this Adobe XD template. The template is free and copyright-free, and may be used for both personal and commercial projects. We only ask that you do not redistribute it.

Click the above image to see the animations in action.

About this Template

This template helps you create a custom presentation deck. It offers 16 different slide designs, and each one transitions in with smooth animations. Note that the animations are dependent on the slide order, and are suggestions. However, if you change the deck order, you will need to edit in Prototype mode. Every slide contains some objects of the next slide (in 0 visibility mode) to help with setting up animation. If you’d rather not animate this deck, use the STATIC version provided in this file.

Making it Your Own

To add your own text, simply edit the placeholder text on the specific slide. To edit images, however, it’s easier to edit them in the artboard labeled “Update images here”. Changing images in that artboard allows the animated and static versions to update automatically.

Fonts and Images

All of the fonts in this file are from Adobe Fonts and should sync automatically if you are a Creative Cloud member. All images are Adobe Stock image previews and can be purchased on Adobe Stock.

Serge Vasil is a multidisciplinary designer based in San Francisco, specializing in user research, user experience, and digital branding.

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