Design and Layout • Free Resources Hand-Drawn Vector Letterset


Design emotive phrases and titles with this loosely drawn set of letters.


You can mix and match this set of loose, hand-drawn letters to design emotive phrases and titles. I used them in the piece at the top of this page, which was for the wonderful Bully Project. (Did you know you can add your own artwork to the Bully Project mural?)

In this set, you'll get three variations of each letter—let's call them plain, fat, and fancy—plus a few extras, including an ampersand and ellipsis. Because they're all vector, you can increase their size without any loss in quality. The letterset is free and copyright-free, and you can use it for both personal and commercial projects. We only ask that you do not redistribute the letterset. And we hope you tag whatever you make with #adobecreate so we can see your creations!

Download the Hand-Drawn Vector Letterset

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