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Use this template to create animated title designs.

"Signal To Noise" is a motion graphics template (MOGRT) with a main title animation, a chapter title animation, and two editable text layers. You can use the MOGRT in Adobe Premiere Pro to enhance presentations, slideshows, and of course, videos. The MOGRT is free and copyright-free, and may be used on both personal and commercial projects. We only ask that you do not redistribute it.

Click above to see a preview of the MOGRT.

How to Install and Customize the MOGRT in Premiere Pro

1. Install MOGRT files: After downloading and unzipping the template, launch Premiere Pro and create a new project file, if you aren't working in one already. Open the Essential Graphics panel (under Window menu) and click the icon for Install Motion Graphics Template at the bottom right of the panel. Navigate to the "Signal2Noise-Main-Template-Create.mogrt" file you just downloaded and choose Open. You should see Signal2Noise-Main-Template-Create in the list of existing templates. Next, add the second file, "Signal2Noise-Chapter-Template-Create.mogrt".

Note: If you don't see the templates at the top of the list, search for "Signal2Noise" using the search bar in the Essential Graphics Panel. If you see an icon that indicates missing fonts, right-click on the template and Sync Missing Fonts.

2. Add to project timeline: Create a new sequence (under File menu, submenu New). Drag the Main Title and Chapter MOGRTs from the Essential Graphics panel into the Timeline window.

3. Change text and other properties: Select each template in the timeline to see all the editing options in the Essential Graphics Panel (panel switches to the Edit tab). Expand the Text section to make edits to title and subtitle text, font, text position (using the Title Block Position slider), and turn the subtitle off if desired. Expand the Background controls to be able to customize it.

5. Experiment with speed and color: Because the template in your timeline acts as a regular clip, you can make speed changes and add effects as you would with any regular clip. Right-click on the clip and choose Speed/Duration. Increase or decrease the percentage here to make the title animation faster or slower. Use the Effect Controls panel to color correct the entire clip and create interesting versions.

Steve Ogden is a motion graphics director working in film, video, and experiential media. A freelancer in the field for 15 years, and onboard with Adobe Studio for two, Steve O throws style out the window in favor of story, concept, relevance, and rhythm. When he’s not in the studio he’s likely to be found at his woodshop or deep in the forest. 

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