Design and Layout • Free Resources Winter Nights Letterset


Mix and match these illustrated letterforms to create classic and elegant titles.


Inspired by classic mystery title lettering and Art Deco signage, I built each character in this alphabet in vector so it can be rearranged, recolored, and manipulated to create dramatic titles. This letterset is copyright-free, and you can use it in any project, personal or commercial. All we ask is that you don't re-distribute it.

Download the Winter Nights Letterset.

I created much of the shapes with Adobe Illustrator's Pen tool to use on a book cover demo. While designing the final cover, I got creative with crossbars and descenders after the letters were in place. Try it out for yourself to make something truly unique, and be sure to tag anything you make and post with #adobecreate.

See more of Brian Yap's work on Behance.

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