Creative Voices

Exploring Surreal New Worlds: Illustrator Murugiah

By Michelle Mahoney

Known for a signature flat-line cartoon style and lush, otherworldly illustrations, Murugiah has created work for Apple, Time Out, the Guardian, Variety, Disney, Lucasfilm, and many other clients. In 2014, he won a D&AD award, and he has exhibited his work in galleries in Europe and the United States.   

Murugiah is inspired by a love of American pop culture and his South Asian roots. Using bold lines, lush color, and organic shapes, he creates surreal, psychedelic worlds that push the boundaries of “strange.” About his creations, Murugiah says, “I'm always thinking about what to do next, and the crossing of Sri Lankan culture with street-wear culture, and basically picking elements of myself and bringing them into the work.”

See more of this large-scale creation—and Murugiah’s other work—in our video profile, at the bottom of this page.

He says, “When someone sees a new piece of work, my hope is that they are like, ‘Whoa! That's broken my way of thinking for the day. I've taken a step out of dull routine to look at this work.’”

Learn more about Murugiah’s brilliant illustrations and the man himself, in our video profile. 

Executive creative director: Dan Cowles

Senior producer: Michelle Mahoney

Director/producer: Dan Coulson

Production Company: Casual Films

DP and Editor: Aaron Forde

AC: Dan Coulson

Color Correction: Richard Wisby

Sound: Frank Maclaren

Sound mix: Matt Alani