Meet MAT 2: The 3D Texturing Contest Returns!

Grab your mouse or your stylus, and make MAT shine!

After we introduced our little mascot with the first Meet MAT contest back in 2017, he has become kind of a big deal. With hundreds of paint jobs, a dedicated book, collectible figurines and various 3D printed versions, MAT has been busy!

Meet MAT 2: Take your first steps in Substance Painter.

And now MAT is back. He has changed, a bit. He’s grown. (There’s a new model of MeetMAT in Substance Painter.) He needs new texturing, new looks. He needs you.

For this second edition of the 3D Painting Contest, the Substance team is going all out: a completely new MeetMAT model, a world-class jury, awesome prizes, and many resources—all dedicated to making sure that you have the absolute best texturing conditions!