Illustration • Inspiration Stand-Out Storytelling in Graphic Novels

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In early 2020, Adobe Create asked me to highlight recently published graphic novels that, while they may have flown under the general public's radar, deserve a nod for exceptional storytelling. I selected 11 novels I recommend for their ability to communicate something fresh to the reader, whether it's through art, words, layouts, or use of color.

I'll release a new installment in the series each week. Check back regularly for the updates!

Jules Feiffer Is Still Having Fun

We begin our survey of recently published graphic novels by interviewing the legendary Jules Feiffer, writer and illustrator of The Ghost Script.

A Graphic Novel for the #MeToo Era

Editor Diane Noomin lit the spark that became Drawing Power: Women's Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Survival.

Kids Can Handle the Dark

Dice Tsutsumi, of animation studio Tonko House, discusses the graphic novel sequels to the award-winning short film, The Dam Keeper. 

Eight Great Graphic Novels

For the final segment in this series, we rounded up a virtual stack of worthy titles that might have escaped your attention. Within this list, you’ll find cinematic storytelling, modern heroines, kaleidoscopic color, and technical artistry that’s pushing the boundaries of the genre.


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