Illustration • Inspiration Jimmie Robinson & the Teenage Heroes of East Oakland

One adult comic book creator and four teenage kids are telling it like they see it.

Jimmie Robinson is the creator, writer, and artist of several comic book series published by Image Comics/Shadowline, including Bomb Queen, Five Weapons, and The Empty. On top of writing and illustrating the comics, he also inks, does all the lettering, and designs the covers. In 2015, he received the prestigious Inkpot Award, a lifetime achievement award given annually at the Comic Con conference.

​Jimmie started this cover-to-cover practice as a kid, drawing what he saw on television. “I would create one scene,” he remembers, “and then I would create another scene, and I didn't even know it, but I was creating sequential artwork at the time. I would staple them all together to make my own books.”

Pages from Town Force One.

Jimmie is a California native who grew up in Oakland, so it tugged his hometown heart strings to learn that advocacy group ​Oakland Kids First was looking to produce an original comic book as part of a statewide initiative. Oakland Kids First wanted a​ fun and visually engaging community resource to communicate complicated issues that continue to oppress and challenge the everyday lives of the people of East Oakland—and the group needed an artist to bring it to life. ​Jimmie applied and was quickly chosen to illustrate the book.

In this ​mini-documentary​, you'll meet Jimmie and hear about his process, while getting to know more about the perspective of Jimmie, Oakland Kids First, and the four high school kids sharing their experiences while collaborating on the Town Force One Comic Book. 

Screengrab showing Jimmie Robinson and two East Oakland high-school students working on the Town Force One Comic Book.

Click the image above to watch the mini-documentary.


Film by Skycar Creative
Director: Jane Selle Morgan
Creative Director: Aaron Barry
Producers: Danielle Carter, Andy Miller
Director of Photography: Jason Joseffer
Assistant Camera: Lawrence Abad
Second Camera/Swing: Kyle McKee
Gaffer: Eric Blum
Grip: Stephanie Stokes
Sound: Anton Herbert
Production Assistant: Franky Romero
Featuring music by Kev Choice
Editors: Danielle Carter, Joe Carter, Andrei Valladolid, Julie Caskey, Yuito Kimura
Animator: James Curtis
Sound Mix: Marc Pittman
Colorist: Will Smith
Associate Creative Director, Adobe: Erik Espera
Senior Producer, Adobe: Kristi Highum
Executive Creative Director, Adobe: Dan Cowles
Featuring: Jimmie Robinson, Jun-Sang Kim, Essai Talib, Heavenly Simpson, Natalia Zapien, Christina Chung, Lukas Brekke-Miesner
Special Thanks: Oakland Kids First, Gail Follansbee, Sabaa Shoraka, Castlemont High School, Cassie Cushing, Kaleidoscope Coffee, Mike McAfee, Joe Morgan, Andrea Bloom, and Ely.

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