After Effects • How-To How to Make Video Effects the Donut Media Way

Learn how Donut adds unusual transitions, punch-ins, and completely believable (cough) celebrity cameos to YouTube videos.

With up to 38 million views monthly, Donut Media's YouTube channel is a destination for a new generation of car lovers. Check out our in-depth profile of the scrappy YouTubers, and then watch the video below to learn how Donut Media video editor Max Maddox uses Adobe After Effects to give the car culture channel's videos their unique personality.

Maddox demonstrates how to go beyond a simple cross-dissolve with an unusual transition you won't forget; how to use a punch-in to direct the audience's eyes to the most important thing; and how to get any celebrity to make a cameo appearance in your video, regardless of your budget.

Don't be your own roadblock—try video effects the Donut Media way! In this video, Max Maddox walks you through some of his tricks of the trade.

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