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The photography for running apparel brand Satisfy makes you want to GO.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes from running: Physical boundaries are pushed, mental limits are tested, and emotional burdens are lifted. For the folks at Satisfy, the Paris-based label specializing in premium running apparel and accessories, that intoxicating combo can be summed up in a single mantra: The High.

It’s one of those you’ll-know-it-when-you-feel-it things, and once you experience it, it’s tough to shake. “The High is a meditative flow-state reached through repetitive action (such as long-distance running) and we believe that it is during The High in which creativity thrives,” says Gabriella Kelly, Satisfy’s head of brand.

Achieving The High is one thing—a largely solitary, quite personal quest—but figuring out how to document and share that sensation with potential customers and tens of thousands of Instagram followers is a group effort at Satisfy.

They often source their models through social media or the larger running community, and are always searching for passion over pedigree. “The majority of runners we work with are not professional athletes. Instead, they use running as a tool to unlock potential in the rest of their lives,” Kelly says of the mix of actors, Ironmen, bartenders, and even Satisfy employees who rep the collections.

They then call on visual collaborators who implicitly understand the head- and heart-space of The High; not runners, necessarily, but definitely doers. “The photographers and film-makers we work with all have some kind of practice: yoga, surfing, playing an instrument, etc,” Kelly says. “We actually like to see these different approaches to finding The High because it deepens our understanding and connection to it.”

The resulting shots capture the kind of nimble dynamism that is almost completely unique to running: gear up, lace up, and go, wherever and whenever. “The High is about escapism from the demands of the modern world,” Kelly says. “We want to show how this escape is possible anywhere through running: from Joshua Tree to the shipyards of Brooklyn,” she says.

Ultimately, the goal is inspiration—in or out of a pair of ultra-durable short-shorts. “We hope that by showing the romanticism of running we can galvanize a community of people who want to tap into that creative potential,” Kelly says. “The idea is that anyone who has taken to a practice in life to find inner peace, reflection and creativity can look at our images and films and connect with the feeling of the runner, even if they themselves do not run.”

Get your shoes, get your earphones, and get going with three of Satisfy’s Spotify playlists.


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