Video and Motion • Inspiration Sundance Voices

Video and Motion • Inspiration Sundance Voices

At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Adobe spoke to filmmakers, producers, editors, and industry professionals about a wide range of topics—from creative process to tools, collaboration, and much more.

In this short compilation video pulled from those interviews, outgoing Sundance festival director John Cooper and the filmmakers behind Disclosure, Miss Juneteenth, and See You Next Time discuss the importance of hearing stories from all voices and communities, and the need to allow future storytellers to push those efforts even further.

Click to watch our brief video taken at Sundance. 

Still from the film
still from the film Miss Juneteenth, showing a young woman getting her makeup done.

Stills from the films See You Next Time (right) and Miss Juneteenth. The marquee image is a still from Disclosure. 

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