Illustration • How-To Learn Some New Animation Techniques!

Take a creativity break today and experiment with these easy-to-follow how-tos.

The animation tips and techniques in this compendium are deceptively simple—most rely on Photoshop’s Timeline feature. But you can combine them with your imagination and creativity for exciting results.

How to Animate an Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

Digital painter and pattern designer Shyama Golden used Photoshop’s Timeline and the Transform property to enliven an illustration with animated elements. See how she did it

How to Create a Stop Motion Effect in Adobe Photoshop

New York–based creative and former Adobe Creative Resident Aaron Bernstein—a.k.a. “Hungry Boy”—demonstrated how he used Photoshop’s Timeline to crete a whimsical GIF. See how he did it

Moving Pictures: Rebecca Mock Has Turned GIFs Into an Art Form

Now see how the Timeline can be used in the hands of a skilled illustrator. Rebecca Mock created editorial GIF illustrations that tell stories with subtle, elegant perfection. See how she does it.


How to Make an Animated Color Transition in Adobe Photoshop

Ready for one more technique? Check out one more 60-second video: in this one, designer Kendall Plant demonstrates how to transform a gradient and animate it in Adobe Photoshop. See how she did it.  


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