Photography • Inspiration Taking Pictures of Pets!

Be inspired by these real-life stories of successful pet photographers, and then try a free Photoshop action on your photos.

Molly, photographed by Jenny Appleton.

For amateur and pro photographers alike, new subjects may be in short supply at the moment—but all the world loves a cute animal photo, so if you’ve got pets at home, why not think about turning your lens anew on them?

Check out these two stories from the Create vaults about people who’ve “made it big” with pet photos…and then, once you’ve taken some photos of your own, why not download our free Painterly Photoshop action, which you can use to turn your picture into a work of art!

Puppy Love and Puppy Style: Pet Photographer Grace Chon

Grace Chon’s book Pupply Styled features adorable pictures of dogs before and after their grooming appointments. Learn more about how she works in our interview.

Internet Famous Pets

These pet parents have created a business around their animals—the business of making you smile. Their pets’ hundreds of thousands of followers on social media are a by-product of their original goal: bringing joy and laughter to friends (and then fans). Get to know them in our video profile.

Painterly Action Set

Give photographs the look and feel of oil paintings with this highly customizable action set. Designed exclusively for Adobe Create by Nuwan Panditha (also known as BlackNull), this free Photoshop action is easy to install and run, and the image files it creates are very easy to customize. 

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