Video and Motion • How-To Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Bring more fun to social media with a fool-the-eye effect that doesn't require a high-end camera.

Are you looking for inspiration? A little bored? A little stressed? I have a how-to that can help with that. All you need is a smart phone, good timing, and simple editing to create a video that will make people smile and ask you how you did it.

Post your results on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #knockyourself to be featured in the gallery below. Who knows, you may even see yourself on Create’s Instagram or Twitter feeds, or on mine!

How to #KnockYourself

This video walks you through the whole thing, including optionally icing the cake with a seamless loop, audio track, and color correction in Adobe Premiere Rush.

Here's how to skip to a specific part of the video:

(0:14) Step 1 - Record your video
(0:30) Step 2 - Trim your video
(0:43) Step 3 - Screenshot the end of the video
(1:23) Step 4 - Time your swipes
(1:34) Troubleshooting - If your video doesn’t autoplay on swipe
(2:04) Step 5 - Screen record
(2:46) Step 6 - Create a perfect loop with Premiere Rush
(3:34) Step 7 - Color grade and add music with Premiere Rush
(4:15) Step 8 - Share! #knockyourself

Tips for Android Users

People with Android phones may have trouble getting your video to autoplay during a swipe (Step 4). But don't worry, I found a workaround, which I explain in this video.

Every month for the next three months, I’ll share a new creative video idea for you to try. If you don't want to miss one, follow me and Adobe Create on Instagram and subscribe to the Adobe Create email newsletter.

#KnockYourself Gallery

Once you post your #KnockYourself videos on Instagram or Twitter, they will appear here within 24 hours. We can't wait to see what you make!

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