Adobe Coloring Book

Chapter One

Color along with us as we serve up new illustrations that you can print or finish with your favorite Adobe apps. Each week this spring, the Adobe Coloring Book will feature coloring pages created by some of our favorite artists.

It’s only right that we start with the basics. We asked this week’s artists to be inspired by the alphabet. You can download a PDF to print, a PSD to color in Photoshop or Adobe Fresco, or a JPEG to color in another app of your choice. Keep calm and color on—and when you’re finished, share your colorful creations with us on social media with the hashtag #AdobeColoringBook!

Instructions for opening a PSD file in Adobe Fresco


1. Launch Fresco.

2. Click on the Home icon to open the Home screen.

3. Tap on Import And Open, and select the Photoshop file. 

Download Chapter One

Sofi Bastos

Sofi Bastos is a graphic designer and DJ from Montevideo, Uruguay, who’s currently living, loving, and laughing in London. Always curious and eager to discover, she loves to travel through space and time with her senses. Passionate about arts, music, culture, the world, and the cosmos, she describes her brain as “a melting pot of influences and inspiration that are ever evolving and manifesting in everything I do and am.” About her Adobe Coloring Book work, she says, “Play shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul. I want to encourage everyone to give yourself permission to play every day. Practice play as a state of being as it’s in the process where you find joy, surprise, pleasure, and all its treasures!”

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Ann Chen

Ann Chen is a freelance illustrator and muralist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her visual language often includes vibrant colors, gritty textures, and whimsical linework. She helps brands share their ideas and stories with playful lettering and bold illustration. Chen says, “I think artists have the responsibility to create work that not only reflects their true feelings, but also brings hope and positivity. There are a lot of things we can’t control, but we can always choose to be kind and compassionate to others.”

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Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom is a lettering artist, designer, and educator based in Detroit, Michigan. You might know her better as Hom Sweet Hom, the small creative studio she runs that specializes in custom lettering, quirky creative content, and online courses on art and business for creatives. About the page she created, Hom says, “When Adobe asked me to design a letter-themed coloring book page, I was in the middle of looking for a snack (no surprise there). So I designed my piece to honor the one constant in any work-from-home creative's life: snacks. We're all out of the good snacks in my household, so I figured drawing them would be the next best thing.”

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Kelli Laderer

Kelli Laderer (a.k.a. @goodvibestype) is a lettering and illustration artist who loves working with brands that are making a positive impact environmentally and socially. She uses her bright powerful style in her personal projects to discuss topics like mental health awareness, self-belief, and mindfulness. “I loved playing with funky-fun letters and shapes for this coloring page,” she says. “I really wanted to make something that would add some pep and positive energy to your day! I hope you enjoy it.”

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Steffi Lynn Tsai

Steffi Lynn Tsai was born in Austin, Texas, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Tsai’s work is filled with quirkiness, color, and character. She is driven to take normal scenes and moments and make them playful, exciting, and enticing. Her work is inspired by everyday things, reactions and feelings, and simple imagery from her imagination or nature. She created this letter as part of her 36 Days of Type challenge.

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Download Chapter One

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