Get started with double exposures.

See how to combine two images into one for a dramatic effect.

Quick Start Tips

No fancy camera? No problem.
Snap some self-portraits with your phone’s camera, or get creative with DIY filters. Pets make great models in a pinch.

Get inspired by your space.
Taking a walk can help you find images to blend into your double exposure. Gather photos of house plants, trees, flowers, or anything that catches your eye.

Feeling stuck? Break the mold.
A double exposure doesn’t always have to be a portrait. Play around with blending a variety of images to create something unexpected.

Let’s roll

Selfie Mode

Get your model on.

Find some light and a clean background, then start snapping. You can experiment with DIY selfie effects by covering your camera lens with plastic bags, glasses, or other translucent material.

Ready, Set, Edit

Photos, meet Photoshop.

Once I had my favorite photos, I opened Photoshop and used Blend modes and Curves to create a matte look. Then I added some grain for extra atmosphere.

Mask, Baby, Mask

Add your second image.

Next, I dropped in my second photo — one from a walk around my neighborhood. I set the Blend Mode to Overlay, adjusted the opacity, and used a mask to hide any areas overlapping my face..

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