Adobe Coloring Book

Chapter Three

Color along with us as we serve up new illustrations that you can print or finish with your favorite Adobe apps. Each week this spring, the Adobe Coloring Book will feature coloring pages created by some of our favorite artists.

We asked this week’s artists to be inspired by pets and other animals. You can download a PDF to print, a PSD to color in Photoshop or Adobe Fresco, or a JPEG to color in another app of your choice. Keep calm and color on—and when you’re finished, share your colorful creations with us on social media with the hashtag #AdobeColoringBook!

Instructions for opening a PSD file in Adobe Fresco


1. Launch Fresco.

2. Click on the Home icon to open the Home screen.

3. Tap on Import And Open, and select the Photoshop file. 

Download Chapter Three

section of a coloring-book page illustration of a peacock drawn by Rob Biddulph
photo of Rob Biddulph

Rob Biddulph 

Rob Biddulph is a bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator, and the official World Book Day illustrator. His debut picture book, Blown Away, was the second illustrated book in history to win the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, and his third book, Odd Dog Out, was nominated for a total of eight literary prizes, winning the BSC Festival of Literature Picture Book Award and the UKLA Student Shadower’s Vote Book Award. His tenth picture book, Dog Gone, will be published in September 2020. In March 2020 he started #DrawWithRob, a series of twice-weekly draw-along videos designed to help parents whose children were forced to stay home from school due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has garnered millions of YouTube impressions and been used as a learning resource by thousands of families across the globe. About his coloring page, Biddulph says, “I’ve drawn a peacock for you to color in. He is fanning his beautiful tail. If you would like to color him in using regular peacock colors, blues and greens and golds, that’s absolutely fine. But I thought it might be nice if we think of this particular bird as a magic peacock. Maybe his tail is rainbow colored. Maybe it’s scattered with golden stars. Maybe it’s a psychedelic kaleidoscope of swirls and flashes. I think you should let your imagination run wild and just have fun with it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

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section of a colorig-book page drawn by Martina Heiduczek
photo of Martina Heiduczek

Martina Heiduczek 

Martina Heiduczek grew up in a small village on the Baltic Sea in Germany and studied graphic design and illustration in Hamburg. She has worked on a variety of projects, but one of her passions is making picture books. Her work is a mixture of digital and traditional media. She is inspired by nature, people, her homes in Australia and Germany, and the emotionally moving and silly things she sees out there. Magic is everywhere! About her coloring page, she says, “As an expat in Australia I am still amazed about the extraordinary wildlife here. So I wanted to incorporate Australian animals into my coloring page. I like the idea of the animals teaming up to achieve getting the pear too.”

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portion of a coloring-book page drawn by Meg Hunt
photograph of Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt is an illustrator and educator living in Portland, Oregon. She creates illustrations to help people fall back in love with all the facets of this weird and wonderful world. By mixing a playful, experimental approach with a dash of humor, she encourages people of all ages to be more confident in growing their own curiosity and creativity. Among her clients are Chronicle Books, Coach, Workman Publishing, Plansponsor, American Express, the New York Times, and Hazy Dell Press. About her drawing for this week’s Coloring Book chapter, she says, “There's something really satisfying about zooming in and discovering a world filled with creatures living their lives unbeknownst to us. Even a humble frog can be a thrilling protagonist if we look close!”

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section of a coloring page drawn by Alexandria Neonakis
photo of Alexandria Neonakis

Alexandria Neonakis

Alexandria Neonakis is a concept artist for video games and a freelance children’s book illustrator. Originally from Nova Scotia Canada, she now lives with her husband and three cats in sunny Southern California, where she enjoys horseback riding, spending time outdoors, painting, reading, and gaming. About her coloring page, she says, “Horses are one of my very favorite things to draw. They’re even more fun to color! You can give this pony a realistic coat and mane, like a chestnut brown or a golden palomino, or you can make it a bit more fantastical! Add wings, a horn, maybe a rainbow tail! Make a pony that’s perfect for you.” 

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section of a coloring book drawn by Andreas Preis
photograph of Andreas Preis

Andreas Preis

Andreas Preis is a designer, illustrator, and artist, currently living and working Berlin. His illustration style is a mixture of traditional and digital art, combining hand drawings, cross-hatching, and real colors with the possibilities of the digital age. His skill set includes illustration, murals, tape art, and live paintings, as well as the different areas of traditional communications design like typography, logo design, icon design, and art direction. About his drawing, Preis says, “This artwork was definitely inspired by being at home 24/7 with our two-year-old son who loves tigers, especially roaring like a very small one while climbing on top of me all the time.”

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Download Chapter Three

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