Photography • Inspiration The Pets of Adobe Studio

Meet our shelter-in-place companions and try free Lightroom presets on photos of your own pets.

The people who bring you Adobe Create are part of Studio, a team that's been working from our homes since March. While we miss the creative sparks that fly when we're in the same space, we do love one thing about our new "offices": We spend more time with our pets. We thought you might enjoy them, too.

Meet the cats of Adobe Studio.

Meet the dogs of Adobe Studio.

Try Free Presets on Your Pet Photos

A preset is a group of adjustments that you can apply to a photo with one click. If you have Adobe Lightroom Desktop, Lightroom Mobile, and Lightroom Web, you don't have to leave Lightroom to watch pro photographers make adjustments to their photos. If you like the results, you can download each photographer's edits as a preset to apply to your images.

See how to save free presets from within Lightroom.

Once inside the Lightroom app, click the Home button, and then click Discover. Filter by Animals and scroll until you find an example photo you like. Click it and click the Save as Preset button in the upper-right corner.

To apply a preset, open one of your photos. (You'll get the best results if it's similar in tone and color to the example picture.) Click the Edit icon, click the Presets button at the bottom of the Edit panel, and choose the preset you saved.

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