Master the art of poster making.

Add, place, blend, and transform your favorite images with Adobe Photoshop.

Quick Start Tips

Collect vintage books and prints.
As an artist and a book lover, I’m inspired by old books and prints. Botanical drawings, like Elizabeth Blackwell’s book of medicinal plants, have a classic look that I just love.

Listen to period music.
As I worked on this poster, I put on some classical music to get into that vintage mood. For this, I put on Pachelbel's Canon.

Share what you love with others.
Sharing what you create is a great way to stay connected. Try making art for others — it’s a thoughtful, frameable way to show that you care.

Let's roll

Import Imagery

Find the right inspiration.

Inspired by botanical illustrations, I searched Adobe Stock for photos of flowers, fruits, and animals that I could use to make a cool composite.

Tweak Composition

Bring them together.

I looked for images with a white background, so it was easier to cut out objects with Photoshop's basic Selection tools. Then I experimented with scale and composition, using the Stamp tool to fix any blemishes.

Add Typography

Stand out with type.

For balance and depth, I added typography. I also chose a serif typeface, Bodoni 72, that tied everything together.

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