Video and Motion • How-To Video Challenge: #GrabYourShoes

Is it magic? No, it's a match cut, and you can shoot and edit the entire video on your phone.

To join in this challenge, you don't need any special effects, just a simple technique called a match cut—basically, you move from clip A to clip B at the point where they look as similar as possible. And you can do everything from your phone, including the filming and the editing.

Post your results on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #grabyourshoes to be featured in the gallery below. Who knows, you may even see yourself on Create’s Instagram or Twitter feeds, or on mine!

If you want to stretch yourself—or maybe you're a sneakerhead with a collection the world needs to see—continue on to the advanced tutorial.

Basic Tutorial: #GrabYourShoes

Skip to a specific part of the tutorial video:

0:05 - The finished result you’ll be making
0:38 - How to do a smooth match cut between two clips
0:50 - Shooting tips
1:49 - Editing tips
4:28 - Tips for the advanced tutorial

Advanced Tutorial: Drop the Other Shoe

In the video above, you learned how to do a smooth match cut between two clips. But's that's just one shoe. To make the full video, you’ll use the same technique, this time doing a match cut between seven clips.

Before You Start: Download Practice Clips

Download seven practice clips onto your phone. If you don't already have the Adobe Premiere Rush app, get it from the App Store or from Google Play.

Step 1: Practice Edit

Follow along to edit the clips. This way, you can get the hang of the video and the movements before you shoot your own.

To skip to a specific part of the Step 1 video:

0:40 - Import and watch all clips
1:25 - Edit Practice Clip 1
2:12 - Edit Practice Clip 2
3:03 - Edit Practice Clip 3
4:01 - Edit Practice Clip 4
4:24 - Edit Practice Clip 5
5:14 - Edit Practice Clip 6
5:40 - Edit Practice Clip 7

Step 2: Shooting Tips

Once you’ve finished the practice edit, you’re ready to shoot your own video. The Step 2 video has my tips for shooting the full choreography.

To skip to a specific part of the Step 2 video:

0:40 - Import and watch all clips
0:41 - Shoot Clip 1 (Grab first shoe)
1:25 - Shoot Clip 2 (Complete grab and start throw of first shoe onto foot)
1:45 - Shoot Clip 3 (Complete the throw of the first shoe onto foot, and start grabbing second shoe)
2:20 - Shoot Clip 4 (Complete grabbing second shoe, and start slapping second shoe onto other foot)
2:45 - Shoot Clip 5 (Complete slapping shoe onto foot, and start changing shoes)
3:16 - Shoot Clip 6 (Complete shoe change, and start another shoe change)
3:52 - Shoot Clip 7 (Complete another shoe change, and start the final shoe change back into bare feet)
4:07 - Reshoot Clip 1 (How to shoot the beginning so you have a perfect loop)
If you get stuck, refer to the practice files your downloaded earlier.

Step 3: Edit a Perfect Loop

The Step 3 video shows you how to seamlessly loop your video.

Now share! #GrabYourShoes

#GrabYourShoes Gallery

Once you post your #GrabYourShoes videos on Instagram or Twitter, they will appear here within 24 hours. We can't wait to see what you make!

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