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Make your images mouth-watering.

Cardamom vanilla cupcakes. Hummus and tomato bruschetta. Whipped coffee lattes. The words alone are enough to start you drooling, but when you see the photos, you're really in trouble. Bo (of Bo's Kitchen) not only creates the recipes for these and many other delicious morsels; she also styles and photographs the tempting images you see on her Instagram.

Now Bo is sharing one of her trade secrets with you: the Adobe Lightroom preset that gives her images their distinctive look.

Having trouble getting presets into Lightroom? Follow these instructions:

For Lightroom (must have version 1.3 or later):

  1. Download the preset here.
  2. Open Adobe Lightroom on your computer.
  3. Select File > Import Profiles and Presets.
  4. Select the downloaded preset file and click Import.
  5. Open the photo you want to edit and click the Edit toolbar on the right-hand side of Lightroom. Select the Presets button and you’ll find the imported preset.

For Lightroom Classic (must have version 7.3 or later):

  1. Download the preset here.
  2. Unzip the zip file on your computer.
  3. Select an image and go to the Develop Module.
  4. Click on the + icon in the Preset Panel. Select Import Presets.
  5. Navigate to the preset you downloaded in step 1.
  6. Click Import.