Adobe Coloring Book

Chapter Seven

Color along with us as we serve up new illustrations that you can print or finish with your favorite Adobe apps. Each week this spring, the Adobe Coloring Book will feature coloring pages created by some of our favorite artists.

We asked this week’s artists to be inspired by treats! You can download a PDF to print, a PSD to color in Photoshop or Adobe Fresco, or a JPEG to color in another app of your choice. Keep calm and color on—and when you’re finished, share your colorful creations with us on social media with the hashtag #AdobeColoringBook.

Instructions for opening a PSD file in Adobe Fresco


1. Launch Fresco.

2. Click on the Home icon to open the Home screen.

3. Tap on Import And Open, and select the Photoshop file. 

Download Chapter Seven

section of illustration for the Adobe Coloring Book, by CJroBlue
photo of CJroBlue


CJroBlue is an illustrator and freelance artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. He is a well-known cartoonist in South Korea and has created illustrations for Toyota, Samsung, and The Korea Amateur Sports Association. About his creation for the Adobe Coloring Book, he explains, “I have worked as a barista. I like coffee that much. So I compared coffee to the emotion of love. The first encounter between a man and a woman is an Americano, and the time when love deepens is a latte, as if milk and coffee are mixed. The last peak of love was expressed as a coffee liqueur…. But what coffee means in this time of day is the relaxation you feel while enjoying the time to make a cup of coffee. You’ll be emptying your mind while you finish a cup of coffee. I wanted to express my experience. There are many foods that give you peace of mind or pleasure; for me, coffee is the best ingredient.”

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section of Adobe Coloring Book page, drawn by Anna Daviscourt
photo portrait of Robin Eisenberg

Anna Daviscourt

Anna Daviscourt is a children's book illustrator from Portland, Oregon, who makes lush, fantastic scenes filled with diverse and charming characters. She loves to sculpt, cook, and spread knowledge by speaking and teaching. About her two drawings for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “The best part of treats is sharing them with those who really deserve them—our animal companions! I wanted to channel the fun and fancy-free attitude that treats bring out for all to enjoy.”

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section of Adobe Coloring Book illustration, drawn by Nick Makrides
photograph of Nick Makrides

Nick Makrides

Nick Makrides is an online content creator who combines his love of pastries and passion for graphic design. Sketching out his pastry designs is always step one. Getting into the kitchen is step two, and encouraging his audience to get into the kitchen and be creative is always the end goal. About his drawing for the Adobe Coloring Book, he says, “With my illustration, I wanted to showcase some of my audience's favorite recipes that helped launch me on social media. From Gwen Stefani's bubble pop electric cupcakes to my 'Americana diner-esque' choc cherry cola cupcakes! Quirky, fun, and colorful designs that reference pop culture and music are my specialty!”

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section of illustration drawn for Adobe Coloring Book, drawn by Erik Marinovich
Photograph of erik marinovich

Erik Marinovich

Erik Marinovich is a San Francisco–based lettering artist and designer, and a co-founder of Friends of Type. Since 2009, he has drawn letters, logos, and type for a lot of nice folks. In 2012 he co-founded Title Case, a creative workspace that conducts workshops and lectures. About his illustration for the Adobe Coloring Book, he says, “There's no such thing as enough ice cream—and color at your own risk, as it might activate sweet cravings.”

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section of illustration drawn for the Adobe Coloring Book by Mary Kate McDevitt
Photograph of Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt has created hand lettering and illustrations for clients including Target, Chronicle Books, the New York Times, and Coca-Cola, and is the author of Hand-Lettering Ledger, Illustration Workshop, and Every Day Is Epic. Between client work and personal projects, McDevitt teaches at her alma mater, Tyler School of Art, and is a co-founder of Okay Fine, a shared studio that hosts workshops and events and has classes on Skillshare. On the weekend you’ll find her exploring the historical streets of Philadelphia, thrifting, and hanging with her cat, Peppy Mew Mew, and her old dog. About her illustration for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “Now that the weather is warming up, chill treats are on my mind. I was psyched for this theme because I had another reason to draw my favorite chill treat, ice cream! Treat yourself to chill out with a chill treat while you color this chill coloring page.”

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portion of illustration drawn by Grace MIceli for the Adobe Coloring Book
photograph of Kath Nash

Grace Miceli

Grace Miceli is a Brooklyn-based freelance artist. She works across multiple mediums including illustration, animation, product design, and murals. Her playful and self-reflective work has been exhibited internationally; selected clients include the New Yorker, Apple TV, Nike, Warner Bros., and the New York Times. About her creation for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “It’s very challenging to exist in our current reality. I often find myself being critical when I’m not as productive or on top of things as I was before quarantine, so this illustration is a reminder to myself (and you) that it’s OK to slow down right now; it’s OK if you can’t do everything on your list—just try again tomorrow.”

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Download Chapter Seven

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