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Download the Lightroom presets and give your images a moody quality.

Since the days of darkrooms, editing photos after you shoot them has been an important part of the artistic process. Today, Adobe Lightroom gives you digital editing options that film photographers couldn't even imagine. One way to explore the possibilities is to use presets: a group of editing choices that you apply to an image with one click. If you like the results, you can stop there, or you can manually tweak the edits to go in new directions.

Jan Erik Waider is a professional photographer who specializes in moodily dramatic landscapes he captures in places like Greenland and Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago. Adobe commissioned Waider to create seven Lightroom presets that you can download and use for free.

Waider is also sharing nine Lightroom split-toning templates. When you split-tone a photo, you make its highlights one color and its shadows another color. "Split toning adds a level of visual sophistication to a photograph," Waider says. "Think moody and cinematic."

Waider encourages you to play around after you apply any of his presets. "You can individually shape the final image with a selection of adjustment presets and develop a repeatable personal style in the process."

There are before-and-after examples of each preset below. For instructions on installing presets, please read the section "Preset Help" below the examples.

Before (left) and after (right) examples of the free Autumn Colors preset.

Foggy Forest preset example

Dark Flora preset example

Glacier Blues preset example

Black and White preset example

Earth Tomes preset example

Moody Days rpeset example

Preset Help
For detailed instructions on installing these giveaways, visit Waider's "How to Install Lightroom Presets" page, which is always updated with the latest app-version information.

Why Stop Here?

All of these free presets and templates stand on their own. However, in case you want to try additional similar looks, Waider has recommended related presets, most of which are for sale on his website:

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