Adobe Coloring Book

Chapter Eight

Color along with us as we serve up new illustrations that you can print or finish with your favorite Adobe apps. Each week this spring, the Adobe Coloring Book will feature coloring pages created by some of our favorite artists.

We asked this week’s artists to be inspired by the idea of connection. You can download a PDF to print, a PSD to color in Photoshop or Adobe Fresco, or a JPEG to color in another app of your choice. Keep calm and color on—and when you’re finished, share your colorful creations with us on social media with the hashtag #AdobeColoringBook.

Instructions for opening a PSD file in Adobe Fresco


1. Launch Fresco.

2. Click on the Home icon to open the Home screen.

3. Tap on Import And Open, and select the Photoshop file. 

Download Chapter Eight

section of illustration for the Adobe Coloring Book, by Joel Robsion
photo of Joel Robison

Joel Robison

Joel Robison is a fine art photographer and artist from British Columbia, Canada. He has been creating and sharing conceptual portraiture work for 11 years. His interest in storytelling and self-expression through art is what motivates him to create and share his work with people around the world, as well as creating for brands that desire a storytelling and whimsical element to their content. The design he’s created for the Adobe Coloring Book was inspired by the current self-isolation many people are finding themselves in. “I wanted to create an image that expressed how connected we can be, even with everything keeping us apart.” he says. “And when we can connect through technology, it can fit so many pieces together, to help us all stay positive and move forward together.”

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section of Adobe Coloring Book page, drawn by Ann Shen
photo portrait of Ann Shen

Ann Shen

Ann Shen is an illustrator and author based in Los Angeles. She’s created artwork for clients including Disney, Facebook, HarperCollins, Papyrus, and the New York Times. Her first book, Bad Girls Throughout History, was published by Chronicle Books in 2016, and her second book, Legendary Ladies, came out in 2018. She's a fan of food, fashion, and flea markets. About her two illustrations for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “Connection is so important during these times of isolation, so I'm creating pieces inspired by my favorite ways to stay in touch with loved ones: sending care packages in the mail! I love this old-fashioned way of communicating, and who doesn’t love a surprise in the mailbox that's not a bill?”

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section of Adobe Coloring Book illustration, drawn by Alicia Souza
photo-illustration of Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza has been referred to as a “happiness illustrator,” thanks to the snippets of happy incidents, funny conversations, and daily life musings that she draws. She’s been drawing professionally for just under a decade and has had hundreds of products manufactured from her drawings, both through the company she runs and collaborations. She has also illustrated five published books, and she recently debuted as a solo author-artist with Penguin. She has done a number of TEDx presentations and college talks, and she is an INK fellow. Souza was born and brought up in the Middle East, and currently works and resides in Bangalore, India, with her husband, dog, guinea pig, lots of pencils, and a little human on the way. About her illustration for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “My page is a little more abstract with a lot of flowers, with the flowers being a space for each person doing their thing while being connected.”

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section of illustration drawn for Adobe Coloring Book, drawn by Lindsay Stripling
Photograph of Lindsay Stripling and a dog.

Lindsay Stripling

Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco–based illustrator and teacher. Her work is always coming from a place of layering, texture, and experimentation. She likes to keep things fun and explore themes of nature, time, memory, community, and psychology. When she isn’t drawing or painting in her backyard in San Francisco’s Sunset District, she can be found walking in Golden Gate Park or looking for a new book at the library. About her creation for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “Right now, during shelter in place, it can feel like we might be really disconnected from one another. What I have found and what I wanted to celebrate in this illustration is that connection and community have taken on new value and meaning. Just looking out my window and seeing my neighbors gives me a joy that I am not sure I have had before. When we pass one another on our various walks, I think it's with an understanding that we are newly grateful for one another.”

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section of illustration drawn for the Adobe Coloring Book by Maja Tomljanovic
Photograph of Maja Tomljanovic.

Maja Tomljanovic 

Maja Tomljanovic is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Croatia. After she graduated, she worked for more than ten years as a graphic designer; then in 2016 she decided to take the leap and pursue her love of illustration. Her artistic style is feminine and playful. She is inspired by everyday life and especially by women. About her creation for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “Balconies and windows are becoming our social spaces, our link to the outside world as a source of hope and connection in the time of forced isolation. I love how people are finding ways to stay connected even if they’re not in the same physical space together.” 

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portion of illustration drawn by Sarah van Dongen for the Adobe Coloring Book
photograph of Sarah van Dongen

Sarah van Dongen

Sarah van Dongen is a freelance illustrator from The Netherlands. She originally studied comparative literature, after which she enrolled in a master’s program for children’s book Illustration in Cambridge, England. After earning her degree, she moved back to her boyfriend in Amsterdam, where she is now working as a freelance illustrator. she loves creating cozy scenes both in her children’s books and in editorial illustration. About her drawing for the Adobe Coloring Book, she says, “When I was asked to create a coloring page around the theme connection, in this time of the coronavirus, sending and receiving letters and little gifts via the post immediately came to mind. This is one of the ways I stay in contact with my mother. Apart from staying connected to my family and friends, I also find it important to stay in contact with nature, so that’s why I included the birds and plants, as well as because they make the image cozy.”

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picture of Dr. Magdalena Gross

Dr. Magdalena Gross

Photograph of Amandalynn


Dr. Magdalena Gross and Amandalynn

Gross was a classroom teacher, holds a Ph.D. in international education from Stanford University, and is an active graffiti and fine artist and muralist. At Adobe, Gross designs, creates, and manages large curriculum projects with different stakeholders for the global education team—including the new, free Adobe distance-learning learning initiative called Khan + Create.

Amandalynn is a muralist, fine artist, conservator, and art director based in Northern California. Inspired by the feminine in all things, Amandalynn depicts the subtle beauty of the natural world and humankind, through illustrated line work and decorative patterning. Her works can be found in galleries and streets all over the world. She began developing her distinct street art style mural work in 2001, painting alongside the graffiti community of San Francisco. Amandalynn is very passionate about her outdoor mural work and still enjoys collaborating with a variety of different artists, as well as creating large solo works. In recent years, she has been art directing and curating for large music and art festivals. Amandalynn has always enjoyed curating and assisting other artists in their work, making art direction a natural path for her. Fine art also plays a key role in Amandalynn's life, as she continues to develop her career as a gallery artist. She has a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the San Francisco Academy of Art and has worked alongside several professional conservators during her career. Amandalynn believes that sharing the creative process with others is the key to living an inspired life.

The pair submitted this statement about their creation for the Adobe Coloring Book: “By definition, harmony brings unity to a painting, a drawing, or any other creative endeavor. Amandalynn and Lady Mags (a.k.a. Alynn-Mags) combine their unique street art styles into dynamic compositions that evoke harmony through color and line, with letter and figure, and between people and nature. Alynn-Mags have a true kinship that comes from working, learning, and growing together. This kinship brings harmony to their work and shines in their collaborative mural and fine art pieces.” 

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