Editor's Letter

At the core of letting go is understanding your potential; that is your superpower.

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do in life.

As I sat on a rock by the Yuba River I was overcome with a tremendous desire to let go. The sun was almost unbearable, piercing through my sunglasses, filling my vision with amber light. I could feel the heat radiating from the stone beneath me become part of every single breath I took. The challenges we all have faced to varying degrees over the past few months had gotten to me. I realized I was exhausted, and that it was okay to let it all go, even for a moment; to just exist between the flowing water and the burning sun. We have to acknowledge that we have taken a beating. It is okay to feel tired. Letting go is what we need in order to power up, move on, and continue to fight as we learn how to express and create in this changing world.

Letting go is not just a selfish act; letting go is an exercise of compassion and self-assessment. It is a way to step outside of ourselves and examine who we are, how we improve, and how we address our impact on the world around us. Letting go is opening a door to let others in. Letting go is the first step to unlearning a lifetime of misconceptions and bad habits. Letting go is examining our work to make room for the new takes that come next. Letting go will build the space you need inside your heart and mind to create and stay inspired as we continue to shelter in place. Letting go will let you see others and better understand what they need from you now.

Take a few moments to let it all sink in. Go for a walk, look out the window, or just sit still on your floor to be in touch with all of what is hard today and has been weighing on you and holding you back. Let it go; you are ready for what comes next.

For the past year the folks at the Adobe Studio & Create worked tirelessly to build a better creative destination. We had a great plan aligned with a solid vision for this future state, based on all the amazing work done over the past few years… but it all changed. It was for the better. It became a bigger task, a better idea, and a scarier challenge. We had to let go and jump into a strong current to get to where we are now. We recently lauched this next version of Create. Known as Discover inside Creative Cloud, it will bring you the best and most relevant creative content and experiences in one place. It's the first step of many to ensure we help you find the right inspiration and tools to learn and grow as a creative.

At the core of letting go is understanding your potential; that is your superpower. Close your eyes. You are ready.

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