Video and Motion • How-To How to Make Basic Video Edits in Adobe Premiere Rush

Record, edit, and share your video story from your phone.

Tell your story and connect with your followers through video. See how you can capture and edit video clips, add and stylize title text, and set it to music—all from Adobe Premiere Rush on your phone.

Before You Start

Install Adobe Premiere Rush on your phone and log in with your Adobe ID. You can find the app for Android devices in the Google Play Store or for iOS in the App Store.

Two hands hold a cell phone with an image of a fern and the title “Evening Hike” on the display

Take a one-minute look at the technique; the steps are written out below.

Step 1: Tell a New Story

When you’re ready to take that video selfie, or any video clip, tap the + (plus sign), then Take Video or Photo. Tap the red record button to get the shot you want. When you have it, tap the checkmark to add the clip to the timeline.

4 parts of the Rush interface, first 3 show how to create a new project and record video, 4th shows timeline with new clip

Step 2: Enrich Your Story

To embellish your project with an existing clip, tap the blue + icon, tap Media, and then select the location where your video is stored. Tap the clip you want, then Add. To move the clip on the timeline, tap and hold the clip as you drag it to the right spot.

4 parts of the Rush interface, first 3 show how to add an existing video clip from your phone, 4th shows new clip on timeline

Step 3: Add a Catchy Title

Grab your followers’ attention with a bit of text. Tap Titles on the bottom menu, then choose one of the templates. Double-tap the default text over the video preview and add your own. If you’d like to change the font, tap the title in the timeline, then Font in the bottom menu. From here, you can choose a font you already have, or choose the Add Adobe Fonts icon, search to find a new one, and tap the cloud icon to sync it. When you return to the font listing, you can tap the Filter icon to show only the Adobe Fonts to make it easier to find the one you just added. Drag the title card where you want it on the timeline and drag one of the orange handles to change how long it appears in the video.

3 parts of the Rush interface, first 2 show how to add a title, 3rd shows title (Bely Font, Bold) on timeline & video preview

Step 4: Trim It Down

The fern clip is slightly long for this piece. To change the length of a clip, drag one of its orange handles to shorten it as needed.

Fern clip on the timeline in the left screenshot is slightly longer than the fern clip in the screenshot on the right

Step 5: Set the Tune

A bit of music can help set the mood for a project. Luckily, Premiere Rush has a collection of free music to use. Tap the blue + icon, then Media, and find the Rush Soundtracks in the Favorites section. Tap the Play button to listen to samples, tap the checkmark next to one you like, add it to your timeline, and drag it into place. If the soundtrack is too long, tap the arrow on the right to jump to the end of the clips. Finally, tap the scissors icon to split the clip and tap the trash icon to remove the excess.

6 parts of the Rush interface, 1st 5 show how to find & add soundtracks in the media section, 6th shows split music track

Step 6: Focus on the Message

The background noise of the fern clip shouldn’t conflict with the soundtrack. To mute the sound at a specific spot, tap a clip and then swipe to the Audio option at the bottom of the screen and tap Mute Clip.

Left: Fern clip and Audio option selected; Right: Fern clip and Mute Clip option selected

Step 7: Share Your Story

When your video is all set and you’re ready to post, tap the Share icon, Export to render it, and pick your social media of choice.

Left: Share icon has callout, blue Export button below video preview; Right: Instagram selected on Ready to Share screen

Don’t Let Them Swipe You By

Whether you want to build brand awareness, gain more followers, or share as a creative outlet, short videos are a great way to engage on social media. Tag @AdobeCreate when you share to increase your views.

Two hands hold a cell phone with an image of a fern and the title “Evening Hike” on the display

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