AR-VR • Inspiration Aislar, The Masked City

Explore Matthew Ritchie’s AR project for 2020’s Festival of the Impossible.

Our third annual Festival of the Impossible—an event created to showcase cutting-edge Adobe technology and thought-provoking art pieces—features six projects that push the boundaries of immersive media, created by artists using Adobe Aero. For his festival project, Aislar, The Masked City, Ritchie created a character, Aislar, who explores the city of New York, recounting stories about isolation at a time when most people in New York were still sheltering in place.

Matthew Ritchie and His Project

About the Artist

Matthew Ritchie is a contemporary British artist whose work explores the visual expression of systems. Utilizing installation, painting, performance, sculpture, and film, Ritchie attempts to describe the intangible links between information and collective thought. Born in 1964 in London, Ritchie received his BFA from Camberwell College of Arts in 1986. The artist has collaborated with specialists in various fields, including scientists, computer programmers, and architects to realize large-scale installation works such as “The Morning Line” (2008). Ritchie has resided in New York since 1989.

Ritchie has had more than 25 solo exhibitions throughout his career; his work has been exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim Museum, among many others. Ritchie has also been involved in more than 100 group exhibitions since 1990 at an international level. 

About the Project

Ritchie developed the character Aislar specifically for this Festival of the Impossible project. Aislar is visiting New York, a place where most people are still sheltering in place. Aislar is able to appear through objects and landscapes, recounting stories about isolation. The idea came to Ritchie while he was stuck at home—his mind began to wander where his body could not; he used Adobe Aero to explore New York. In this work, New York has become an empty set that where Ritchie films his story. 

Get a Glimpse of Aislar, The Masked City

Download the latest version of Aero on iOS, and then click on the button below from a mobile device to view an excerpt of Ritchie’s AR experience.(Aero works best with a stable WiFi connection; load times may vary.)

How They Made It Possible

Check out this behind-the-scenes video and learn about the artists’ creative processes and the tool they used to create their pieces. Adobe Aero is an intuitive way to create immersive interactive experiences and blur the line between the physical and digital worlds—no complex coding required..

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