AR-VR • Inspiration Jaguar Jonze’s Rising Sun

Explore Luigi Honorat and Deena Lynch’s AR project for 2020’s Festival of the Impossible.

Our third annual Festival of the Impossible—an event created to showcase cutting-edge Adobe technology and thought-provoking art pieces—features six projects that push the boundaries of immersive media, created by artists using Adobe Aero. Deena Lynch and Luigi Honorat worked together virtually to create their festival project, Jaguar Jonze’s Rising Sun—an immersive story in the world of Jaguar Jonze, an alias and stage persona that Lynch sometimes works under. The work balances play with interactivity, and the duo took full advantage of Aero’s new sound components, which came out in June 2020.

Luigi Honorat and Deena Lynch, and Their Project

About the Artists

Luigi Honorat is a French artist based in Tokyo, Japan. A self-taught CG artist, he studied sculpture at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, where he is currently a lecturer. His practice bridges sculpture and CGI—employing computer graphics to explore new sculptural forms and ways to create, and sculptural principles to inform his computer graphics. His work frequently examines the meaning of reality and virtuality, matter and data, and beauty and the uncanny.

Deena Lynch is an Australian singer, songwriter, producer, and multimedia artist who crafts songs of melancholic beauty, interweaving gunslinging guitar lines and a strikingly rich yet intimate voice. Born in Japan to a Taiwanese mother and an Australian father, she creates music that is as eclectic as her upbringing, influenced by the likes of Portishead, Nick Cave, and The Last Shadow Puppets. Performing and creating under various stage personas such as Jaguar Jonze, Lynch processes her most intimate vulnerabilities while empowering others to do the same. 

About the Project

Honorat and Lynch worked together virtually—from Tokyo and Brisbane, Australia, respectively—to create their festival project, Jaguar Jonze’s Rising Sun. It’s an immersive story that balances play and interactivity, in the world of Jaguar Jonze, an alias and stage persona that Lynch sometimes works under. The idea of “home” is revealed in the mind of Jonze, a young musician. Her identity is seen and heard as you travel though her created space. Viewers are able to immerse themselves in the virtual space and explore the sculptural garden of stage personas taken from her most recent music video.

Get a Glimpse of Jaguar Jonze’s Rising Sun

Download the latest version of Aero on iOS, and then click on the button below from a mobile device to view an excerpt of Honorat and Lynch’s AR experience. (Aero works best with a stable WiFi connection; load times may vary.)

How They Made It Possible

Check out this behind-the-scenes video and learn about the artists’ creative processes and the tool they used to create their pieces. Adobe Aero is an intuitive way to create immersive interactive experiences and blur the line between the physical and digital worlds—no complex coding required..

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