AR-VR • Inspiration Memories of the Mundane, Something Abstract

Explore Juan Jose Egusquiza’s AR project for 2020’s Festival of the Impossible.

Our third annual Festival of the Impossible—an event created to showcase cutting-edge Adobe technology and thought-provoking art pieces—features six projects that push the boundaries of immersive media, created by artists using Adobe Aero. Juan Jose Egusquiza’s festival project, Memories of the Mundane, Something Abstract, recalls the days when he was a young boy using his imagination to escape reality. It features a character who escapes the confines of his bedroom and ventures to the seashore.

Juan Jose Egusquiza and His Project

About the Artist

Born in Lima, Peru, and currently based in New York, Juan Jose Egusquiza is a multimedia artist, researcher, and image maker, and a former Adobe Creative Resident; his work involves researching and developing 3D and 2D graphics and providing public educational sessions. In 2017, Egusquiza received his master’s degree from New York University (NYU), in the interactive telecommunications program. After graduating, he was a post-doctoral research fellow at NYU and research fellow at Viacom. 

About the Project

Memories of the Mundane, Something Abstract is a visual journey as seen through the eyes of a young man. Egusquiza began this project by reflecting on the days of his youth and his own identity. Years ago, he and his twin brother were told elaborate stories by their father. The family lived in a fishing village in Peru, and at bedtime their father’s stories were both meditative and full of colorful language that allowed the young Juan Jose to relax and begin to paint mental pictures, imagining every detail. It was through this process that his identity as an artist began to develop. Egusquiza collaborated with his father and twin brother in making this project.

Get a Glimpse of Memories of the Mundane, Something Abstract

Download the latest version of Aero on iOS, and then click on the button below from a mobile device to view an excerpt of Egusquiza’s AR experience. (Aero works best with a stable WiFi connection; load times may vary.)

How They Made It Possible

Check out this behind-the-scenes video and learn about the artists’ creative processes and the tool they used to create their pieces. Adobe Aero is an intuitive way to create immersive interactive experiences and blur the line between the physical and digital worlds—no complex coding required..

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