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Explore Dan Marcolina’s AR project for 2020’s Festival of the Impossible.

Our third annual Festival of the Impossible—an event created to showcase cutting-edge Adobe technology and thought-provoking art pieces—features six projects that push the boundaries of immersive media, created by artists using Adobe Aero. For his festival project, The Path Home, Dan Marcolina used Adobe Aero to explore his memories of growing up near the Jersey Shore.

Dan Marcolina and His Project

About the Artist

Based in Philadelphia, Dan Marcolina runs a digital design studio with his wife and partner, Denise Marcolina; the studio works with national and regional companies, helping to shape their brands and tell their stories. The studio has earned a national reputation over more than two decades by shaping unique design solutions across print, interactive, video, tablet, and more. They bring unexpected and memorable design solutions spanning across many different media. 

About the Project

For 61 years, Marcolina has valued his friends and family. When asked to explore this year’s Festival of the Impossible theme, he was sheltering at home with his wife and daughter. All strenuous work obligations were no longer a priority, and he was able to slow down and pause. For many of us, life has been on hold, and Marcolina has taken this as an opportunity to really dig in. For this project, he used Adobe Aero to share some of his life story.

Get a Glimpse of The Path Home

Download the latest version of Aero on iOS, and then click on the button below from a mobile device to view an excerpt of Marcolina’s AR experience. (Aero works best with a stable WiFi connection; load times may vary.)

How They Made It Possible

Check out this behind-the-scenes video and learn about the artists’ creative processes and the tool they used to create their pieces. Adobe Aero is an intuitive way to create immersive interactive experiences and blur the line between the physical and digital worlds—no complex coding required..

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